How Martin Pierce Hardware survived the attack of the Google Penguin

We suspect that many of you, like ourselves, were affected by Google's latest algorithm change, aptly named Penguin. Up until now we always viewed penguins as charming and funny little creatures but our view has definitely been altered by this experience! Imagine our dismay when we woke up one morning only to discover that our website and blog had been labeled compromised by Google, most likely as a result of bad incoming links and pingbacks....something somewhat out of our control! We chose to immediately discontinue blogging and kept our fingers crossed that most of our readers would not think we had simply disappeared. Rest assured that we continued to read, visit and comment on your blogs and tried to keep in touch via our facebook page. We were also very busy with new designs as well as our experience at the HD Expo in sunny Las Vegas. ( more on that in future posts)

We are up and running now with this new blog format and look forward to reading your comments.