Martin Pierce Custom Door Handles And Door Hardware Collections

The phrase “form follows function” is never truer than when referring to architectural door hardware.  Custom door handles must first function by providing a method in which to enter and exit a building, access interior spaces and open and close cabinetry.  Once the functional aspect of door handles has been addressed attention can be directed to form.A first impression is often established at the entry to a residence or building.  The shape, size, finish and overall design of door handles, door knobs and levers and cabinetry hardware should add character and personality to a space and create a positive first impression.  The collection of custom door handles, knobs and cabinet pulls at Martin Pierce Hardware is designed by Martin Pierce and handcrafted on site using the ancient lost wax casting method.   From design to delivery, every step of the process is handled with the utmost attention to detail to insure the perfect outcome of your bespoke order.  Custom door hardware features, including a hot patina finish and LED lighting, can further enhance the design; the end result being unique door hardware that will leave a lasting impression on customers and guests.  Distinctive wall sconces and a collection of bronze sculptures, artwork and decorative items are also available.