Traditional Door Handles Inspired by Nature

The classical Hedgerow collection and its siblings Willow and Grapevine have been variously described as traditional hardware and even baroque hardware. Whatever the classification all 3 door styles have door levers and knobs that are inspired by nature and are fluid in design. The Hedgerow door hardware collection was inspired by the powerful yet majestic trees one sees in nature and the style is reminiscent of the themes that typified the Art Nouvea era.

The Willow collection of bronze door handles with its swirling and cascading door levers and knobs seeks to capture the movement in tree branches and leaves and is the closest door hardware collection to the Baroque period. The youngest door handle collection, Grapevine was created initially as a custom door handle for a Northern California winery from which a complete collection of winery door handles and cabinet knobs has evolved. Grapevine with it’s more formal vine leaf design is decidedly our most Gothic collection of door handles.