European designers

What's new at Martin Pierce Custom Hardware?

Things have been busy here at Martin Pierce Hardware.  Along with surviving the holidays we are hard at work on some new projects that we are excited to share with you.

  • Archiexpo takes us to Europe

    We are now actively introducing our work to design professionals in Europe and you can view some of our signature hardware pieces on This site is accessible  in English, French, Italian and German and it is by far one of the more user friendly sites that I have visited in a long time, making it easy for designers and architects to find the perfect pieces for each job.

  • Willow latch

We continue to work on retooling a version of our popular Willow latch that will accomodate the narrower back latches common in Europe.  More information on this project will be available later this month.

martin pierce willow entry set



So what's new with your business?

As we continue to expand our visibility throughout Europe and the Middle East you can get the latest news on what is happening at Martin Pierce by visiting us at