dog bust

Iris travels to Paso Robles

We recently traveled to Paso Robles to visit friends and tour the wineries (more on that later) and Iris was able to join us on this trip. It has been said many times before but Iris literally springs to life and is charged by the smells and sounds of the countryside.  While all dogs are different, our experience has been that all of the dogs we have owned over the years have shown a different side to themselves when they leave their city persona behind and hoof it uphill in pursuit of real or imaginary prey. With Iris her eyes almost pop and, if her tail were not a mere stump, it would be pointed sky high as she becomes absorbed in her "new" surroundings.

photo by Martin Pierce hardware Los Angeles, CA  90016

Unfortunately it is not always possible for Iris to join us on our weekend getaways but when she does there is no doubt that she enjoys every single moment of life outside the city.

Surveying the hillsides of Paso Robles photo by Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles, CA  90016

When I look at this photo I am struck by how well Martin captured her features in the bust he recently created for our personal enjoyment.  Can you see the resemblance?

Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles, CA  90016

How about your dog or pet--do they accompany you on vacation?

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