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Baha Mar Resort features bespoke Martin Pierce Hardware

Two minds are greater than one is often the case, as it was with our collaboration with Mike Hong of MHA on the hardware pieces for the new Baha Mar Resort in what is being called the Riviera of the Carribbean, the Bahamas. Mike is the design director for Baha Mar.  Sea themes provided the inspiration to adaptations made to our Morphic collection but he added the scrolled mollusk ends and a unique color that took the piece to a new level. The entire piece was cast in stainless steel, using a high percentage of recycled metal, and we added the stunning custom blue interior that reflects the resorts marine blue brand color.

This is the press release that was sent out:


The Serpentine Blue handles were designed by Martin Pierce in collaboration with Mike Hong of MHA

and will be one of several handle styles made by Martin Pierce that will be showcased this year at the

opening of the Baha Mar luxury resort.

Mike Hong, the design director for Baha Mar added a fittingly marine spin to Pierce’s Morphic design by

incorporating mollusk ends and by highlighting the interior with the resorts marine blue brand color.

The handles are cast in stainless steel and will be one of the highlights to the common areas of this

luxury resort.

For more details please contact:

Anne Pierce

and this is the custom hardware that can be found throughout the resort:

Serpentine door pull with custom blue interior for Baha Mar Resort Martin Pierce hardwareLos Angeles, CA  980016 Photo by Doug Hill

The pink coloration added a bit of fun and also tied in with the pink color that is being used on other surfaces throughout the resort:

Pink entry door pull custom designed for Baha Mar Resort in Bahamas by Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles, CA  90016 Photo by Doug Hill

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