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Green design trends to watch for in 2016

[houzz=] It's no secret that our natural resources continue to dwindle.  Therefore, the design of "green" or environmentally friendly buildings, including hotels and restaurants, is no longer just a trend but rather, a requirement set by both local and federal governments in many areas of the world.

Architects and hospitality designers are tasked with designing public and private spaces that are, at the same time, aesthetically pleasing and functional and energy efficient and sustainable.  There is a long list of methods these professionals employ in order to satisfy all the requirements mentioned.  Here are just a few:

  • Capturing natural light can help reduce the amount of energy necessary to light a space.  Plenty of over-sized windows, dual and triple paned, can provide the light as well as reduce noise and heating and cooling costs.
  • Green roofs have been around for a while now but this idea has now moved to walls as well.  These "living" walls help to naturally insulate a building, improve air quality and provide privacy as well as creating something that is simply attractive to see.
  • Supporting local business by hiring local workers, purchasing from local businesses and using products indigenous to the area are all ways hospitality designers and architects are saving money on projects and minimizing any negative impact their projects may have on a community.  This also reduces transporation costs and energy usage--both major concerns when it comes to green building.
  • Metered and electronic faucets help reduce water usage--a must-have after what has been labeled the hottest summer on record across the globe.

Along with designing buildings and rooms that are accomodating to those with any physical or age-related challenges, hospitality designers and architects have their hands full; but they continue to deliver beautiful projects throughout the world.

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