les miserable set design

Let's talk Oscar nominations!

With the big party just five days away it is always fun to take a look at the Academy Award nominations and, since this is a design blog,  see if there is any way the nominees add value, other than entertainment,  to our everyday lives, products etc. One of the most anticipated and nominated movies this year was, of course, "Les Miserables", basically Victor Hugo's french novel put to music.  Did you see it?  It is set in Paris during the early to mid-19th century and Paris architecture and everyday life has a big role in the movie.  Dark and gritty at times, it portrays an urban side of french culture that we do not often associate with the city of love and lights, Paris.  Production designer Eve Stewart adds a sense of realism that is quite extraordinary.  But how does any of this relate to custom hardware?  It provides design inspiration, for one thing.  This scene from the Rue Plumet garden is full of plants and foliage that could inspire another hardware collection similar to our Hedgerow collection that was inspired by the English countryside.  You must admit those purple flowers are beautiful!

Rue Plumet garden scene from Les Miserables, designed by Eve Stewart

Do you think Jean ValJean would appreciate the beauty that something like our Willow collection might add to the beautiful bedroom of Cosette?

Willow collection

Les Miserable set designed by Eve Stewart

This is obviously all a bit tongue-in-cheek but we hope you enjoy watching the awards show and also take the time to appreciate the value a great set with amazing details adds to a movie, just as great details add to the overall look and function of your home or business.