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Luxury Home with Star Gazing Observatory

As a brand that specializes in unusual custom hardware we have over the years created unique door handles for hotels and luxury homes, but this year marks our first venture into designing door handles for a private observatory.


When contacted by LM Design Group, an international Los Angeles based design group we did not appreciate that the sketch they provided of moon handles was for an observatory for an overseas villa.


The commission came at an opportune time as we had obtained UL approval for our new line of illuminated handles and were able to take this technical know how and configure the LED lights to work inside a concave moon fixture.In a previous post we shared a short video showing how Martin carved and hollowed out the concave basswood pattern that was the base for the door handle. The pattern was coated with a ¼” of gesso which formed a surface that could be carved to create moon craters and stylized moon texture.


The image below shows the pattern after carving the gesso was sprayed with a grey color before being carved as the natural white gesso is to reflective making it difficult to carve as depth is more easily judged on a colored surface. The image to the right shows the same approximate area as rendered in bronze and finished with a dark antique M20 patina.

While the original design was to be open with light shining through to the bronze back panel the client preferred a softer light, so we added a custom plexiglass diffuser.

Martin Pierce's inspiring vacation

We are currently on vacation in England for a couple of weeks and enjoying the opportunity to visit family and friends as it has been quite some time since we have returned home. It is a well-known fact that England is known for her beautiful gardens and magnificent countryside.  This lush countryside has always provided inspiration for Martin's work.  In fact, one of our favorite collections, the Hedgerow line, was inspired by the lovely bushes and trees that line the roads here in England.

If you would like to add just a touch of English garden design to your home decor, might we suggest a new addition to your front door with the Hedgerow entryway lever:

Something as seemingly simple as a door knob can alter the look and feel of any space.

Our commercial clients can add that unique touch that sets them apart from the competition with beautiful fixtures and hardware that their discriminating clients have come to expect.  Spas, nursing homes, luxury hotels and exclusive boutiques will enjoy not only the Hedgerow hardware line but the accompanying items that include coat hooks,soap dishes, towel racks and the ever important tissue holder.

We hope to return from England rested and refreshed and full of inspiring ideas from our trip.  Where do you find your creative inspiration?

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