musical instrument display

Musical instruments as artwork for interior design projects

While many of us immediately think of a beautiful watercolor painting or a wonderful bronze sculpture when we hear the term "artwork", experts might agree that the beauty of art really is in the eye of the beholder.  Take, for example, the beauty of musical instruments - -wood frames of violins and cellos rubbed to a glossy shine, brass that sparkles like jewels and the gorgeous linear shapes of the woodwinds could certainly be considered artwork and displayed as such. In the following rooms precious musical instruments are proudly displayed as functional artwork that provide a touch of life to the spaces and most would agree is as beautiful as any oil portrait.

A grand piano always makes a welcoming statement in a residential foyer or the lobby of a boutique hotel or chic shopping complex.  Notice the more traditional piece of artwork that mimics the design of the piano. [houzz=]

A cello in the corner quietly balances out the large painting on the other side of the doorway in this setting.


The graphic appeal of a grouping of woodwinds lends itself to this contemporary design.


While classical instruments are beautiful and sophisticated, don't overlook a colorful collection of electric guitars or the power of a set of drums or the simplicity of a grouping of native instruments from around the world.

And in our own home, where music is a must, Iris  enjoys relaxing by the piano in the den that doubles as our music room.

Photo by Martin Pierce Hardware

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