stainless steel custom door hardware

A very basic discussion of stainless steel door hardware

Ergo wave pull in stainless steel finish Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles Ca  90016 Photo by Doug Hill If you have been shopping for door and cabinet hardware for yourself or for a client you have, no doubt, discovered the wide variety of options from which to choose, from style and design to color and finish.  We offer a variety of custom door hardware designs in different finishes including stainless steel.

What is stainless steel?

Without providing you with a lot of technical information you may never use, the simple answer is that stainless steel, unlike ordinary steel, contains various alloys such as chromium and nickel that render it corrosion, tarnish and rust resistant.  And it is good for the environment as it is 100% recyclable.  You can learn more about stainless steel at MidAmerica Stainless and here.

Are there different types of stainless steel?

Yes.  The most commonly used for our purposes is steel from the 300 series which is non-magnetic and corrosion and rust resistant.  This durable steel is used in industrial and commercial applications as well as building applications in the form of hinges, locks and other types of door and window hardware, appliances and even countertops and kitchen backsplashes.

Here at Martin Pierce Custom Hardware we usually work with two types of stainless--304 and 316.

  • While still very hard, 304 is softer and a bit easier to work with than the 316.
  • We describe the 316 steel as a marine grade or rust resistant and is best used for outdoor projects.  This grade can be a real challenge to tool and polish.

But we think you will agree that both steels result in a beautiful finish for the contemporary door hardware designs found in our Ergo and Morphic collections:


Stainless steel door handle from the Ergo collection at Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles Ca  90016 Photo Doug Hill


Morphic cylindrical pull with a hot orange powder coated accent from Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles CA  90016 photo Doug Hill

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