turn pieces

Unique Turn Pieces

A turn piece as its name hints is a piece that is used to turn or activate a deadbolt thereby locking or unlocking a door. While the turn piece performs a modest task, there is no reason why the design needs to be plain and attention to this small detail can be the defining touch to an entry door.

When we design a style of door hardware we create a specific decorative turn piece as one element in the collection and often employ a sense of whimsy in the design. However, as the turn piece plays a critical role in opening and locking the door, artistic restraint needs to be used so that the piece can be gripped and turned easily.

The decorative component must also fit within the cap of the turn piece so that the spindle can freely turn to release or throw the deadbolt.

At present we have 6 different turn pieces which were designed for different styles, but which can be used interchangeably as they all use the same spindle.


The turn piece is a stylized miniature tree top canopy like the tree tops used on the Hedgerow lever.


The turn piece is a tight cluster of interwoven willow leaves and picks up the theme from the rose that it is mounted on.


While the texture of bark is used in the lizard collection for the larger escutcheon plates the small “Y” shaped turn piece lent itself to a leafier stippled appearance.


The bee’s turn piece is a closed wing beetle a piece that also naturally compliments the frog and lizard entry sets.


The turn piece is twist of metal designed to be easily fit the thumb and index finger.


Tightly entwined willow leaves create a small oval turn piece that compliments the willow rose.