The dog days of summer at Martin Pierce Hardware

The dog days of summer have certainly arrived at Martin Pierce Hardware. The work days are a bit more relaxed and Iris is enjoying her morning walks and cooling off with naps in the grass.  Do you ever wonder what the phrase "dog days of summer" actually means?  As with many rituals and phrases, it began in ancient times when the hot and uncomfortable days of July and August were blamed on the brightest star in the sky, Sirius or the dog star.  Now you know.

August for us means more time to spend in the garden, throwing open the french doors and enjoying the fresh air and the occasional cocktail on the front porch.  And, since we are English, sharing afternoon tea with friends.

To keep Iris excited we often head down to Beachwood Canyon and spend time with neighbors, especially those with dogs.  How do you enjoy spending your dog days of summer?

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