Georgian Architecture: a design history lesson from Martin Pierce hardware

In the past couple of posts I have mentioned the beautiful and abundant Georgian architecture that can be found throughout England.  Examples of this included St. Mary's church in Ross-on-wye and also St. Anne's in our hometown of Worcester. The popularity of this architectural style spanned two centuries from the early eighteenth century to the mid-nineteenth century.  It is named after the first four British "Georges" i.e. George the first, George the second etc., etc.,  all monarchs from the House of Hanover who reigned from 1740 to 1830.   Characteristics of this very English architecture include:

  • A centered paneled front door
  • A simple box shape with either one or two stories
  • Multi-paned windows
  • Cornices with dentil work detailing
  • Chimneys on both sides of the home
  • Dormer windows on the upper floor
  • Symmetrical arrangements of windows and doors

The old truly meets the new in this photo of the new Gherkin building in London fronted by ancient buildings in the foreground, some of which feature prime examples of Georgian architecture.

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