Update on the Sensota Cove W Hotel hardware series

As we shared in our blog post on June 30th, we have been working on a series of hardware projects to be used in the W Hotel, Sensota Cove location.  We were introduced to this project by the Rockwell Group who felt our existing Ergo, Heroic and Morphic collection of custom hardware fit the ambience of the seaside location of this new hotel in Singapore. And, as we discussed in our previous post, our Ergo door set was altered to be a bit smaller in diameter and adjusted to work with a Vingcard controlled entry lock system for the guest rooms which required extensive testing as well as new patterns and molds and were made right here in Los Angeles.  Our standard Ergo pulls were also used on several armoires located in the spa area.


We also worked with Diffusion, a  Singpore/American design group who used our Morphic Heroic Pulls in some of the key public areas and in the Presidential suite. The Morphic Pulls were also cast in stainless with a beautiful brushed finish.


The fluid designs and wave like quality of our Ergo design fits the setting of this beautiful and luxurious hotel as it is situated right on the waterfront.   This type of attention to detail adds to the unique experience that every business owner wants his clientele to experience.

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I am attaching files for these 3 pieces.