Martin Pierce Custom Hardware: The beauty is in the details

Have you ever entered a public building and been struck by the attention to detail in the design of the building?  For example, the city library features hardware that is an exact replica of early twentieth century hardware that celebrates the history of the city, building etc.  Perhaps an ordinary office building has added architectural molding to warm up the voluminous cold spaces that are common to modern buildings.  And it is a wise doctor or lawyer who pays attention to small details such as hardware, paint choices, artwork and other amenities when making design decisions for their offices.  These simple choices will certainly enhance their client or patient's visit. Designers and architects pay close attention to current design trends and the affect they have on the public when designing a corporate office or commercial building. For example, customized hardware that pays tribute to a brand or logo or the local culture is sure to be noticed by all who enter.  Color choices in fabrics and paint that elicit a specific mood the business is seeking will prepare every visitor for what lies ahead during their stay, meeting etc.

Here is a good example of how small details can enrich a space.  We were approached by  WATG Design Group (now known as Wimberly Interiors) to create door hardware for the St. Regis Hotel in Princeville on the island of Kauai Hawaii.  Great care was taken to honor and celebrate the native culture of the island and the natural beauty that surrounds it as evidenced by the Hawaiian door handles we created shown here on the entry doors.

martin pierce hawaiian handles on site at st regis kauai

We also adapted our popular hedgerow line and created a half round to be used as a robe hook in the guest rooms.

martin pierce hedgerow half round adapted to use as robe hoook for st regis kauai

Guests are reminded at every turn that they are in the Hawaiian Islands.  To be honest, do they need reminding when in Hawaii?

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