Earth Day Tidbits

2157 Like many "holidays" here in the U.S.A., what was originally a single day event, Earth Day, has become a week long discussion and celebration of how we can all support and save the natural environments of this big planet we call home.

Earth Day was born in April of 1970 through the efforts of Gaylord Nelson, a U.S. senator from Wisconsin.  The initial goal was to make people aware of the dangers of environmental issues such as hazardous waste, toxic automobile emissions, off-shore drilling etc.  One of the more successful "movements",  over the decades we have all become more aware of the importance of paying attention to the impact modern life has on our natural environment.  Whether you realize it or not,  as a result of this movement we all participate in some way.  Who among us does not recycle water bottles, smog our vehicles or enjoy an occasional visit to the zoo or aquarium and marvel at the species that have been saved from extinction due to human efforts?

You can go to the extreme with your concern for the environment and only use a bicycle for transporation, for example, and more power to you.  However, this is not practical for most of us so we have to choose other ways to support and protect the earth.  Here at Martin Pierce Custom Hardware we do our best to recycle scrap metal and utilize and employ lost wax in the lost wax method of casting.  More about the lost wax method can be learned by reading our post here.  We make every effort to use local suppliers and distributors, thereby reducing the amount of toxins released and fuel used in transporting supplies.

For the past forty years we have all learned so much about this earth and the natural treasures that are certainly worth saving and protecting.  In so doing we also reap the benefits of a healthier environment for ourselves and for future generations.  So Happy Birthday Earth Day!