Take the time to stop and smell the flowers including our new orchid door pull

True artwork for your home, the orchid pulls from our new Hawaiian Series are available as either a long stem of flowing orchids or as individual cabinet knobs featuring a single flower. Like all of the pieces in our collections, the orchid pull began as a drawing by Martin that would ultimately be cast into these luxurious silver plated gems (shown below).  These exquisite door and drawer pulls will delight your spa clients, for example, with their realism, or simply add a touch of aloha to any home or business.  You can see the detail in the larger photo--you can almost smell the scent!

initial drawings of orchid design

Silver plated orchid stem pull

Silver plated orchid knob from Martin Pierce Custom Hardware

Along with the silver plated option, these custom pulls are also available in oil rubbed bronze or nickel plated.

To view these pulls or survey our entire collection of custom hardware, please visit us at www.martinpierce.com.  Aloha!