Martin Pierce Hardware has entered the building at HD Expo 2013

What would a trip to Las Vegas be without a reference to the King of Vegas, Elvis Presley?! But unlike Elvis, we have not left the building but, rather, entered it with a flourish as we begin to set up booth #2153 for the HD Expo 2013.

The rigors of going to a trade show such as the HD Expo as an exhibitor are more than offset by the helpfulness of the staff at the hotel (this year The Mandalay Bay) who identify with you as a fellow worker bee. Only too pleased to stand in the heat (and it is hot, a toasty 95 degrees as we speak) and hail a cab or keep you informed of new projects, including not one but 2 ferris wheels,  that are being planned for the Strip.  London only has one, The Eye, but Vegas is going to have two; not sure what that tells me but it was nice of the staff to share exciting new information with us.

The worst part of the show is trying to find your allotted booth space in the labyrinth of packing boxes, duct tape and a sea of bubble wrap.  It makes you wonder who can honestly call themselves "green" amidst this mess of non-recyclable items.  In our defense we wrapped our display pieces in remnants of fabric left over from some of our recent furniture orders; certainly green and has the added benefit of being much prettier to look at than normal packing materials. We will keep you posted on our activities this week and please do stop by the Innovation Pavilion and vote for our Morphic Cylindrical Pull as the Best New Product.

Morphic cylindrical door pull entered in the Best New Product contest at HD Expo 2013.  Photo by Martin Pierce custom hardware