Bring the garden indoors with floral hardware

photo courtesy of Lynn at For love or funny I love fresh flowers whether they be in a vase on the table, growing wild in a field or popping up in strange cracks and crevices alongside the Los Angeles freeways.  After all, what is not to enjoy about glorious color and unique shapes that come to life once the sun comes out?  Most people would say they also enjoy the colors, scents and shapes of fresh flowers so why not greet your guests with a bouquet of flowers in your lobby or treat yourself and your family to fresh flowers in your home.   Sadly, when winter hits it can be difficult to find fresh flowers growing naturally in a garden or alongside those ubiquitous freeways  of ours.  No worries, you can enjoy the beauty of flowers with something as simple as hardware cast in the shape of your favorite flowers and vines.  Take a look:

The height of elegance, Martin Pierce's silver plated orchid stem pull

Relive those wonderful island memories or just invite the feel of the tropics into your home or business with our wonderfully realistic orchid stem pull.

Trumpet flower pull by Martin Pierce custom Hardware

Capture the look of the wonderful hanging vines of the trumpet flower with this bronze pull hand cast by Martin Pierce.

Daisy drawer pull

Daisies are a perennial favorite.  They are simple and carefree and make you smile each time you look at them.  You can enjoy this little flower every day with our bronze daisy drawer pull.

Bamboo Pull in patina  bronze

And for those who enjoy simple greenery from Mother Nature, items like our bamboo pull or various leaf designs will certainly satisfy that need to add a touch of the outside to your indoor spaces.

While all of these hardware pieces have a touch of whimsy attached, the realism and attention to detail is a hallmark of every piece of custom hardware created by Martin Pierce; thereby turning these floral hardware items into a sophisticated detail for your retail boutique, small hotel or spa or for that discerning residential client looking for a touch of the garden in her home.

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