Our 100th post and we are in the mood to celebrate!

Time to celebrate for this is our 100th post!  We have enjoyed sharing new products, design ideas and trade information to all of our followers and look forward to the next 100! As our way of saying thanks we would like to offer one of our swallow pulls to the next person who "likes" our new business facebook page on July 31st.

swallow pull from Martin Piece hardware

If you are from southern California then you are very familiar with these little birds.  They return to the mission at San Juan Capistrano every spring to build their unique mud nests in the openings found in the spanish tile roof of the mission.  They hatch their babies, teach them to fly and then depart the area in October, only to return again the next year and begin the process over.

This highly detailed pull is cast in solid bronze with a dark antique finish and will add a distinctive touch to any cabinet, closet door or desk drawer in your home or office.  In the photo below you can see how beautiful it looks on the toy chest, a special gift to a first grandson,  that also features japanned swallows in the sky.  So head on over to our facebook page and join the conversation.

Hand carved toy chest featuring swallow pull and japanning technique from Martin Pierce

You can check out other feathered friends as well as our entire collection of custom hardware at www.martinpierce.com.