Hospitality design trend: View beautiful collections in hotel lobbies

Thousand of visitors enter hotels each year via the lobby and spend time meeting and greeting friends and business associates, sharing a cocktail or simply enjoying the ambience of a beautifully decorated lobby. As any professional hospitality designer will tell you, when decorating the lobby, or any   space in a hotel both public and private, it is important to find the perfect blend of comfort and function while still celebrating the specific hotel's brand.  This is often accomplished through the use of space planning, fabrics and colors and the addition of something unique that will hopefully make their guest's experience memorable.  Some hotels are doing this with the introduction and display of wonderful collections throughout the lobbies and on-site restaurants.

A true history lesson can be found at the Hotel Auberge Saint Antoine in Quebec City Quebec Canada where literally hundreds of found artifacts are on display throughout the public spaces.

Japanese sushi restaurant, Pabu, in Baltimore Maryland features a magnificent collection of raku pottery that lines the walls and acts as both a room divider and an art display. While it is a large collection the subtle coloring of the pottery allows for a relaxed dining experience.

Some hotels choose to change their collections to celebrate the seasons, acknowledge an anniversary or honor the history of the hotel.  The famous Willard Intercontinental Hotel, located right next door to the White House in Washington D.C. has found a way to celebrate their famous neighbor by offering a beautiful display of historic Christmas ornaments that have been used throughout the years on the White House tree.  You can view the informative video and see these beautiful ornaments by clicking this link.

Never one to do things on a normal scale, the world's tallest hotel located in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates has a lobby atrium that features an amazing collection of water displays that are sure to delight all who enter the lobby.  And while in the United Arab Emirates, take a little side trip to visit our hardware, proudly on display at the Porta Showroom in Riyadh City Saudi Arabia.

Martin Pierce Hardware display in Porta Showroom in Saudi Arabia

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