ADA requirements for door and window hardware United States Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division


The baby boomer generation continues to age and, as a result, are experiencing the aches and pains and limitations associated with the aging process.  Furthermore, some statistics are reporting more than 50 million Americans have some level of disability that can make life challenging. The American Disabilities Act (ADA) regulates the building and construction industry and sets forth standards that basically make life safer and easier for those with disabilities or age-related challenges.   These guidelines address the use of wider doorways, ramps, grab bars, lower counters, etc.  Also addressed is the ability to easily access a public or commercial building and/or interior spaces through the use of appropriate door hardware.  These ADA requirements will insure that all people are able to easily and safely enter and exit a building and gain access to interior spaces such as restrooms, apartments and offices:

  • Door hardware must push through or twist and turn knobs that may be difficult to grasp for some.
  • Hardware must be installed 48 inches from the floor to accomodate those in wheelchairs
  • Both window and door hinges must move with under 3 lbs of pressure

Many items in our collection of custom door hardware can be adapted to meet ADA standards as well as meet your clientele's needs.  Specifically, door and cabinet levers found in our Ergo and Morphic collections.

Ergo door lever in stainless steel from Martin Pierce custom hardware



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