A haunting we will go with custom hardware

Believe it or not we are actually beginning to see Christmas holiday decorations in the stores and it is only September!  Before the red and green of Christmas arrives there is that other very important holiday just around the corner--All Hallow's Eve, better known as Halloween. Halloween is a very fun holiday for kids and adults alike and provides a great opportunity for businesses to incorporate some of the iconic symbols of this day into their hardware choices.  For example, our bat pulls feature amazingly lifelike detailing that turn them into miniature works of art for interior doors, cabinetry and furniture.  Use them in residences as well as businesses.  While fun for Halloween, these custom hardware pieces can be incorporated into the design of many different projects including Zoos, science labs, schools, pet boutiques or any business where one of these images would befit their brand.

bat pulls from Martin Pierce Custom Hardware

While not really scary, lizards and frogs have enough of a "creep" factor to be used for Halloween.  But our lizard and gecko hardware collection is more fitting as architectural hardware for a luxurious tropical hotel, spa or residence.  See for yourself:Lizard multi point door lever from Lizard collection of Martin Pierce Hardware

Lizard multi point door lever from Lizard collection of Martin Pierce Hardware

Polished brass frog pull can be made for both right and left handed access by Martin Pierce

We offer plenty of bugs and creepy crawlies in our Animal collection,  ranging from scarab beetles to moths to bees and wasps, all hand cast and beautifully detailed.

To view our entire collection of architectural hardware please visit us at www.martinpierce.com.  Happy Haunting!