Iris enjoys a trip to the local mountains

It has been quite some time since we shared any of our adventures with our beloved rescue dog, Iris.  But she did join us on our winter "escape" to the local mountains during the holidays and really seemed to enjoy the cooler weather and higher altitude of Idyllwild, California. photo by Martin Pierce hardware

Iris is a canine of few barks.  In fact, she rarely barks; although on this occasion she would use the wrap around deck to issue the odd bark at a passing hiker.  How dare anyone pass on her trail!

She shows off her hiking skills in this photo of her easily and bravely crossing a log:

Photo by Martin Pierce custom Hardware

and in this photo where she has clearly picked up the scent of some local critter or, more likely, a delicious morsel of food.

photo by Martin Pierce custom hardware

Many of you may recall that we adopted Iris from a local rescue organization, The Rescue Train.  They have many dogs like Iris looking for new homes so if you are in or near the Los Angeles area and are looking to add a new member to your family, be sure to check them out.

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