Day trips from Los Angeles--The Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens

Like many people who live in a large city, we often feel the need and desire to get away from it all and take a day trip to someplace peaceful and quiet.  One of our favorite destinations in the Los Angeles area is the Huntington Library in  San Marino.  With an amazing art collection and several breathtakingly beautiful gardens, there is always something to see or be inspired by on every visit.  We often make this quick 30 minute drive to seek inspiration and just enjoy the beautiful surroundings. As the seasons morph from winter into spring there is abundant new life in the gardens. Spring is the perfect time to visit and see the recent changes made to the lovely and tranquil Chinese Garden.  Two new pavilions will be host to visiting musicians for afternoon concerts and there is a new rock grotto with an amazing path that takes you underneath and behind a waterfall!

Rock Grotto in the Chinese Garden area of the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens

Whether you are seeking some design inspiration for an upcoming project or your own garden, or simply looking for an afternoon that does not involve crowded shopping malls and fast food restaurants, the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens is sure to delight. Enjoy some of our own photos taken on a recent visit.

Butterflies and birds are always a welcome sight in the gardens.

Songbird captured at rest  photo by Martin Pierce Custom Hardware

Gulf fritillary butterfly photo by Martin Pierce Custom Hardware

These tree roots remind us of the design of our Hedgerow Collection of architectural hardware.

Tree roots at Huntington Library Botanical Gardens from Martin Pierce Hardware

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