Anatomy of a bronze door handle-part 3

Whew!  I am tired just reading about this lengthy process.  But excited about the outcome! Onward... now that we have “lost” the wax that melted out we are left with a hollow shell with the ceramic gates or funnels.  Try to envision a hollow wall around the body of the bird that we are now going to fill with molten bronze.

We will pour the molten bronze into  the shells and, once cooled, we are left with castings. The gates will have been turned to bronze and will need to be removed.  In the photo you can see the flat areas on the body and feet that are a result of the gates being removed.

Underside of hollowed out mold for jay sculpture Martin Pierce Hardware

These areas are ground off leaving behind a scar or rough section that will require further grinding to smooth them out.  The details such as the vein of a wing will have to be "chased" or added by hand.

In the next photo we show the top side of the casting before the piece has been assembled.

Martin Pierce Hardware Notice the gate "scars"

This beautiful representation of the magnificent jay hawk can be modified for use as entry door handles or hung on the wall and enjoyed as a wall sculpture.

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