Ada compliant contemporary hardware designs

Stainless Ergo Front door lock from Martin Pierce Custom Hardware ADA compliant Many of today's designers and architects are seeking door and cabinet hardware for hotels, spas, nightclubs and commercial buildings that are not only attractive but that also comply with strict ADA building codes.  In other words, hardware that is easy to grasp and operate for those who may have some physical limitations. This might be necessary in brand new construction or in a retrofit situation.  This is difficult enough without adding the additional requirement of good looks.

As the population continues to age and, in this very competitive market, it is important that buildings be designed to allow easy access to all who wish to enter.  After all, a businessman does not want to deter someone who might have difficulty gaining entrance and/or navigating the building from entering and conducting their business.  More importantly, consumers need to be able to gain access to their home, their doctor's offices or retail shops.

We are pleased that our Ergo collection of custom hardware meets these demanding standards.  The lever design of our entry and passageway pieces are easy to operate and create a stunning look that will please any lover of contemporary design. Several of our collections, including Morphic, can, upon request, also be adapted to meet ADA standards. This might include lever style handles in place of knobs and pulls that do not require a strong grasp in order to easily operate them.

If you are in the market for door hardware with a crisp and contemporary look and that is ADA compliant or would like to view our entire collection of custom hardware, please visit our site at