Quick and easy recipe for those holiday gatherings

As we all are painfully aware, these last few weeks of the year are packed with activities, both personal and professional.  If you find yourself tasked with the responsibility of hosting co-workers, clients or friends and need a recipe that is not only quick and easy but will have your guests coming back for seconds, this one just might be the answer: english trifle from allrecipesdotcom


Lady fingers

Raspberry jam

Fresh or frozen raspberries

Good sherry!

Raspberry jello

Jello pudding (I get 1 x lemon and 1 x vanilla then layer them)

Whole milk

Whipping cream


Spread the lady fingers with jam and place in the bottom of a clear glass trifle dish.  This will make it possible for you to see the beautiful layers before serving.

Make up the jello with 1 cup of  boiling water and then add 1 cup of sherry – set in the fridge.

Make up the jello pudding and layer on top – set in the fridge.

Whip up the cream and place on top.

Throw on some fresh raspberries or whatever decorations take your fancy.

Et voila!  A true English trifle that will delight your guests.

We first shared this favored recipe with you in December of 2013 and are looking forward to enjoying it again this holiday season.   Now all that is left for you to do is set a beautiful table, provide a delicious beverage and enjoy spending time with those who are important to you, both personally and professionally. Bon appetit!

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