Our four legged friends

Completed bust Martin Pierce Hardware If you follow this blog then you know it is no secret how we feel about our own four-legged friend, Iris, as well as those of our friends and clients.  She is more than a friend, she is a beloved and valued member of our family.

We found our Iris through the amazing rescue organization located here in Los Angeles, The Rescue Train.  She joined our family in 2011 and life has never been the same.  She enjoys coming to work with us everyday, walking the neighborhood and meeting her "friends" along the way.

We already know that pets are great companions that offer unconditional love, but they can also provide even more health benefits:

  • Studies have shown that Alzheimer's patients experience fewer anxious moments when there is a pet in the home.
  • Caring for a pet can provide exercise and fresh air for those responsible for the animal. A daily walk is certainly good for both pet and owner!
  • Therapy dog programs are present in many hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes.  This is particularly valuable in Children's Hospitals where the kids are missing their own family pets and look forward to the weekly visits, offering them a sense of normalcy during a difficult time.

These photographs of Iris at play with her best friend, Hoyt, are proof that few things will make you smile as quickly as watching a couple of dogs battle it out over a squeak toy.  And when it is all over there are no hard feelings....a lesson we could all learn from our pets.

Hoyt starts it all by finding a favorite squeak toy.

The tug-of-war battle begins

Not sure who the "winner" was but Iris was exhausted after this playdate!

martin pierce dogs  at play iris all tired outWe would love to see photos of your four-legged friends and hear about the lessons you have learned from them.

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