Hiking Griffith Park

It is being reported that over 120 million people watched the Super Bowl but do you ever wonder what all the other people do on Super Bowl Sunday?
While I do not know about everyone else, we decided to take advantage of the glorious weather southern California is experiencing and enjoy an afternoon hike.
We headed out to a treasured trail in Griffith Park where Iris had a great time hiking with us.  As we began our hike we noticed lots of  undergrowth which is great as it is a sign that means the trail is not apparent from the main thoroughfare trail and  that we, selfishly, get to enjoy nature without the noise of others. The trail began with a bounty of nasturtiums which have yet to flower

Nasturtiums growing along trail in Griffith Park photo by Martin Pierce Hardware

and continues over a dry stream and up some very  rugged boulders to the peak that left even athletic Iris panting.

photo by Martin Pierce Hardware

We have been using this trail for some 20 plus years and it is rich in sycamore trees, wild oaks and countless varieties of birds,  blue jays, crows, ravens, mocking birds and red tailed hawks, to name but a few. It is an odd experience when you reach the crest of the rock formation as you can see just a small smattering of houses in the far distance but you are surrounded by nature and feel as if you are no longer in the city.  This is just one thing that makes Griffith Park a very special place.

photo by Martin Pierce Hardware

Over the last 20 years I have taken all my dogs on this hike and they all have loved the experience. We occasionally share the trail with others but notably only those visiting from England so there is little risk of their frequenting this secluded spot.
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