Hardware design inspiration from an iPhone photo?

Has anyone else noticed the huge billboards on Vine Ave in Hollywood advertising iPhone? According to this article, they are part of a worldwide campaign from Apple.  So I thought I would add one of my own iPhone photos. We have two ceramic sconces outside our front door that always attract all manner of insects and occasionally we get a rather beautiful image to shoot.

phoo by Martin Pierce hardware Los Angeles CA  90016

We spotted these two mating moths late Sunday morning and snapped this photo.  They are white striped Hawk or sphinx moths.  We originally spotted them around midnight on Saturday but they were still entwined in the throes of passion on Sunday morning when I decided to take this photo.   You can see from this shot how much native American art has been inspired by the amazing geometric markings on the body and wings of these beautiful moths. Having metamorphosed from pupae to moth they come up from the ground, feed on sweet nectar and look for a mate.

We have been thinking about a new door pull series that will use geometric patterns derived from flowers, and now moths, that will be influenced on some level by this new image.  As you may be aware, we have a very stylized moth in our drawer pull series and we are now thinking about a flock of them together as a geometric door pull. At the moment, however, this idea is in its own pupae stage.

A beautifully detailed moth door or drawer pull from Martin Pierce Animal Collection of Hardware Los Angeles Ca  90016

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