Ten helpful tips for trade show exhibitors

Martin Pierce Custom Hardware booth at HD Expo Las Vegas 2014 Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles CA  90016 This year marks our 5th journey to the HD Expo and, along the way,  we have learned a great deal about selecting products to display, creating a pleasing display and learning to transport and set up a booth ourselves.  Last year we shared a checklist that works for us and are wondering if this checklist also works for other exhibitors.  Here is a "replay" of last years blog post:

  1. Select the size and type of booth you will be renting.  Will it be a corner booth, how close to the entrance is it, are there complimentary exhibitors nearby etc?
  2. Decide which pieces you will be debuting and which signature pieces to take
  3. Design and make the plinths and mock-up doors that will display your pieces
  4. Design the fabric banners that will separate and enclose your booth
  5. Decide how much to spend promoting your booth at the show. This is in one of the most expensive aspects of the show as it involves upgrading your listing on the official website by adding images that can be showcased on the site; enhancing your appearance in the official Show Guide with a full page or half page advert; promoting attendance at your booth by means of a physical postcard mailing etc.
  6. Arrange transportation for both you and your products.  Fortunately for us we are within driving distance so we rent a van and drive to the show 2 days before the show begins.  This allows us plenty of time to set up the booth.
  7. Book accommodations – we always rent a self-contained flat so we can have our breakfast and dinner in a quiet and calm environment.
  8. Rent a lead retrieval system so that you can scan and record details about people visiting your booth
  9. Rent necessary chairs and tables from the show administrators
  10. On arrival find out where you need to unload your van and if you are able to use the “caddie” system to get your products to your booth. This is very effective as you literally pay the staff by the trip to move your pieces on a small electronic cart. If you have larger displays then you will have to crate your goods, organize a shipping company and hope that nothing gets damaged. You also will have to pay substantially for what is known as “material handling” which is the cost of getting your crate delivered to your booth. We have been down this road before and as a result re-designed our booth to easily “break down” into easily manageable components.

While we will follow the same process this year our booth numbert, #2277, is different as well as our giveaway product.  The first ten visitors to our booth at this year's Expo will receive one of our silver-plated orchid cabinet knobs.  This exquisite depiction of this romantic flower is certainly a work of art that you can enjoy however you choose to use it in your home or office.

Orchid cabinet knob from Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles Ca  90016 Photo by

We  look forward to meeting you and discussing your upcoming hospitality design projects hardware needs and we know you will enjoy viewing some of our new products that will be making their debut.

To view our entire collection of architectural hardware, please visit our site at www.martinpierce.com.

Designers can visit the showroom located at:

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