Making friends and spotting trends at the 2015 HD Expo

After a very interesting and successful opening day at the 2015 HD Expo we are looking forward to today. We discovered several trends as we toured the floor but the one that caught our eye was the presence of stylized nature inspired designs and shapes  similar to those found in our new Dragon Egg wall sconce.  Open work designs were spotted in ceiling fixtures, lamp shades, floor screens and room dividers.  Take a look at these room dividers and wall panels from

Room divider from at the 2015 HD Expo Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles, Ca  90016

We also spotted several interesting lighting fixtures including this unique, contemporary table lamp by Van Teal, Inc that, when lit, casts such as interesting pattern onto the wall.

Lamp with open work shade by Van teal and shown at the 2015 HD Expo Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles CA  90016

Be sure to stop by our booth #2277 and see some of our products that celebrate this trend, including our new and VERY interesting Dragon Egg wall sconce.  Game of Throne fans will be delighted, we are sure!

You can view our entire collection including architectural  hardware, furniture and, most recently, wall sconces on our site at

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