Recycling and a new use for old wood

reduce recycle logo The concept of recycling is certainly nothing new.  In fact, the idea of reusing products actually dates back to ancient times but we are more familiar with this process as recently as World War I when rationing and recycling metal, for example, was necessary to our survival.  However, during the 1960's and 70's as we became more aware of the impact certain activities and products had on the environment, it was "trendy" to be environmentally conscious, as it were.  Labeled "The Green Movement", industry and individuals began to search for ways to live that would decrease the impact our existence has on the earth and the motto "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" was born.

Designers, architects and retailers in the hospitality design world have a unique opportunity to make a difference by applying this motto to their own projects.  For example, one of the many trends that made an appearance at this year's HD Expo was the use of reclaimed wood.

Strolling through the exhibitor's hall we saw reclaimed wood used in many creative ways both in the products being shown and in the construction of the display booth itself.  One would expect a company like Urban Evolutions  to utilize reclaimed products in their own designs and they did not disappoint.  Their booth and the furniture located inside the booth were all constructed from reclaimed products, giving everything a unique and environmentally friendly look that is so appealing.

Urban Evolutions booth at the 2015 HD Expo Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles Ca  90016

Here at Martin Pierce Hardware we do everything possible to produce our products in an eco-friendly manner and are happy to see that so many of our fellow hospitality industry partners do the same.

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