Custom designed bar stools continue to delight clients

Hedgerow barstool by Martin Pierce Hardware  Los Angeles CA  90016 Regardless of what type of business you are in, it is always nice to receive positive comments about your product or service.  Such was the case when we received this lovely note from San Diego based interior designer, Dora French, who placed several barstools from our Hedgerow furniture collection in this beautiful home:

"As a Designer it is very important I provide both comfort and the right look to fullfill my client's desire for their own “dream home." In addition to their great look, the Hedgerow chair is incredibly comfortable. The depth of the seat is plenty to allow you to sit back and feel secure while the wooden back is very comfortable and shaped to fit the back and the arms are at just the right height for ease of use.  So many of the counter/barstools  being made in today’s environment are "Apartment Sized”. They have a smaller seat and do not allow you to sit for longer times at an island area; and many are backless, which will shorten the time you find yourself wanting to spend at an island.  In today’s Great Room Style living, the island area is the very gathering spot for families and friends.  It is crucial for a designer to make sure to provide comfort as well as create the desired "look" and the Hedgerow chair successfully allows for both.”

Hedgerow bar stool in kitchen  photo and interior design by Dora French Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles CA  90016

Hedgerow bar stool in kitchen designed by Dora French Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles CA  90016

We look forward to working with Dora again as she uses the Hedgerow design in a current project.  It also pleases us to know that the style and fit of our Hedgerow bar chair has not gone out of fashion, providing some proof that a well-designed and comfortable piece of furniture is timeless.

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