Bats appear in family's game room

Martin Pierce Los Angeles CA  90016  Photo Doug Hill

Sometimes words are just not necessary and that may be the case when you see this photo of our custom designed card table and chairs featuring bronze bat details.

As readers and our clients may know, along with designing unique door handles we also design custom furniture pieces for those clients who want a specific look and style for their home.  Over the years these clients have commissioned Martin to make unique furniture that reflects their interests and personalities and is the very definition of functional art.

The best, and also the most rewarding,  example of this are the works that our dear friends and clients, Sarah and David Solomon, have ordered over the last 15 years. Their sense of fun and inherent good taste allowed us to design the first Ascot Armoire and the first Seicho game table. We are truly a small, hands on company.  Therefore, developing new pieces, whether it be furniture or a new hardware piece, is a very expensive process.  Needless to say we are extremely grateful when we are commissioned to make a piece and given free rein in the design. Our friends are avid card players and while we do not share their enthusiasm for card games we do share their love of bats and interesting woods.  With these shared interests as inspiration the Seicho game table took form. The specific table that Sarah and David commissioned was tailored to their needs and featured pull-out drawers with drink holders and a reversible inlaid top for backgammon on one side and checkers or chess on the other.  Most importantly,  the table also has bats situated between the rails and the legs. Sadly, most people do not share our love of bats so the resulting Seicho collection has a floral motif in place of the bats.  The table is made of solid walnut with inlay panels in a variety of woods including madrone burl, bird's eye maple, wenge and myrtle burl.  Unlike their bronze relatives, the bats for this table were carved by Martin in solid walnut.

Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles Ca  90016  Photo by Doug Hill


We also designed chairs to complete the game table set.  The chairs are made of natural domestic walnut and, like the table, the bat detail is cast in solid bronze.  We were so excited to have the opportunity to work on this bat detail and the biggest challenge was deciding on the number of bats!

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