Summer series continues with beautiful boutique hotel stays

In our last post we discussed the lovely living things that make an appearance during the summer months and it certainly fueled the desire for a summer vacation.

While there are many wonderful large hotel chains that offer the opportunity for a memorable summer getaway, boutique hotels can offer a unique adventure that often eliminates all the hustle and bustle that goes along with large hotels and resorts.  When it comes time to choose a destination, a boutique hotel can offer these appealing amenities:

  • Intimacy.  Smaller hotels often result in a more intimate experience with the surrounding community.  Often located in the heart of the area, restaurants, galleries and activities are frequently within walking distance providing an opportunity to get to know the area "up close and personal."
  • Unique decor and architecture.  Hospitality designers are well aware of the importance of the appearance of a hotel, both inside and out.  This can be be the deciding factor when selecting a place to stay.  Interesting architecture and decor that celebrates the area or a particular theme, for example,  can add to your overall experience.  With its slope side location and ski-in-ski-out capabilities, The Little Nell in Aspen Colorado is a prime example of how a boutique hotel can immerse their guests in the activities of the community.  Custom door hardware, art collections and comfortable furnishings are all seemingly small details that carry a lot of weight with guests looking for a unique experience while travelling.  
The Little Nell  boutique hotel Aspen Colorado

The Little Nell boutique hotel Aspen Colorado

  • Personalized service.  Fewer guests mean more time for staff to tend to the specialized requests of their guests.  And isn't it nice to receive some special attention every now and then?

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