Celebrating Christmas with Martin Pierce Cabinet Knobs, Capitol Records and Patron

Here at Martin Pierce we celebrate the Christmas season in true Hollywood style. Living in the Hollywood Hills we have a great view of the iconic Capitol records building which every year celebrates the season with an illuminated Christmas tree. This year we have chosen to incorporate our view of the tree and the well known Patron neon sign with some festive cabinet knobs to make a Christmas card. We have also used the vine motif that appears on some of Martin Pierce’s collection off limited edition furniture designs. The card is a collage of photographs with the view from our home as the center piece. Every year, just before Thanksgiving, the Capitol records Christmas tree is lit. It is an event that marks the change of season and is a tradition we have come to love. The tree lights up just before sun down and these days stay lit till about 6:36am.

This year the celebration is also of historic importance as this is the 75th anniversary of the founding of Capitol records. In honor of the anniversary the City of Los Angeles will be proclaiming November 15th as Capitol Records Day. Apanel  has also selected 75 albums from the thousands of recordings made at Capitol to represent the best of Capitol records.

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