Collage of LED Door Handles

1inch small .jpg

We will soon be releasing our new UL LED products into the design world and thought it would be fun to create a collage made from parts of  our new pieces to see if you can identify which sections came from which product. The first pieces we will be introducing will be based on fish, dragon, floral and coral themes so which ones are shown here?

The second part of this puzzle is to see if you can guess which shapes we used from our gourd concept drawings to create the lace sections for our luminaires, did we use one or more of the gourd sections in the collage? The actual shapes for each hole in the area where light and color shine through are not as arbitrary as they may appear. The contour of each hole determines exactly what shapes will be created as shadows by the LED light. When Martin Pierce designs an illuminated piece it has to appear beautiful both when illuminated and as a  non-lit sculpture.

The thorny outer edge of the floral sconce leaf makes for a bold green shadow statement setting the mood of the room. To allow for mood expression our scones will be available in different LED colors.

The third part of the puzzle is to guess which metals are shown in the collage.  Our new pieces, following on from our door hardware collections are cast either in stainless steel with a brushed or polished finish or in bronze and in either a light or dark antique patina.