bronze sculpture

An inspiration takes form as Martin works on a sculpture

We have mentioned numerous times on this blog of how inspired Martin is by beetles, moths, lizards and other creatures, along with their unique habitats.  This is evident in many of the bespoke hardware designs found in our collections. One of the most fascinating creatures are beetles.  We have studied many of them and even owned a pair of Hercules Beetles we fondly named Boris and Natasha.  While they are no longer with us, they did provide Martin with a great deal of information as to their form and lifestyle and he has begun working on a one-of-a-kind sculpture partially inspired by the study of Boris and Natasha.

Martin is making a large sculpture of 2 fighting stag beetles. The concept came from a piece he did many years ago in England.  He carved this piece out of ebony as this wood is close in color to the stag beetle and also, because at this point in our careers we had neither the money nor the audience to sell such art pieces cast in expensive bronze. It is our hope that there may now be an audience for a bronze sculpture such as this.  The current sculpture is of 2 stag beetles in battle on a large piece of bark.  One problem we have encountered was how to cast the bark.  We thought we could actually use a nature made piece so we went in search of a suitable tree.  We have an amazing Pepper tree in our front garden but could not use it without fear of damage. So we got in contact with our arborist ----- Victoria Monson and her husband Daryl of C.O. Arboritsts and they very kindly offered to keep us posted of any suitable trees they were felling. So when a large oak was marked for felling Martin drove to Pasadena and chose the best section of trunk to use as a pattern for the bark sculpture.

The photos follow the process of preparing the tree trunk, shaping it so that it could be used as the pattern for the bark sculpture.  Normally Martin would actually sculpt his patterns from "thin air" as his creative imagination came to life in wax or wood. But since there is a lot of beautiful bark available he decided to manicure an actual tree trunk.

In order, these photos show how he chose the section and then chiseled it to essentailly form a trench. The next step was to make a barricade around the recessed trench by nailing strips of wood to form an outer wall and the last photo shows how the trough was filled with clay to make this area level.

Selecting wood piece to prepare for sculpture photo by Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles CA  90016

Chiseling wood trench photo by Martin Pierce hardware Los Angeles CA  90016

Nailing surround to create barrier to hold clay photo by Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles CA  90016

Adding clay to create level area on wood sculpture photo by Martin Pierce hardware Los Angeles, CA  90016

The next step in the sculpting process will be preparing the mold...

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Bronze Jay sculpture reveal

Several months ago we introduced you to our jay sculpture in a three-part series that chronicled the process of designing, sculpting and casting a bronze piece, whether it be used as door hardware or as wall art.  Our goal was to share with you how, after all the hard work, a collection of pieces like this Underside of hollowed out mold for jay sculpture Martin Pierce Hardware

become a beautiful piece of  sculpture like this soaring beauty:

bronze sculpture from Martin Pierce Hardware

Martin Pierce Hardware

Martin Pierce Hardware

This majestic piece measure 18" from wing tip to wing tip, 12" from beak to tail and projects 4" from the wall.  The dark oil rubbed patina allows the exquisite detailing of the wings and body to be enjoyed.  Part of a limited edition, this bird sculpture can be hung on the wall and admired as a piece of wall art or utilized as custom door hardware for an impressive entry to a residence, hotel or commercial building.

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