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How Iris enjoys the dog days of summer

August is one of those interesting months in which summertime activities come to a screeching halt yet work activities have not picked up the pace.  I think people must be hesitant to let summer go so, even though school is back in session in many areas and lazy days are over, we just can't seem to get in the mood to go back to work. Iris, our pit bull, certainly agrees with the idea of enjoying one final month of summer.  Although, if truth be told her days are really the same all year round--eat, sleep, play, rinse and repeat.  Oh to be able to enjoy the dog days of summer for just a few more weeks!

Here is Iris barely able to keep her eyes open while she naps in the warm southern California sun.

Iris in August 2014 trying to stay awake Martin Pierce Hardware

As you can see, her days never really change as here is Iris trying to stay awake in August of 2013!

Iris' summer of 2013 not much different than summer of 2014 Martin Pierce Hardware

One of her favorite past times is to play with her boyfriend Hoyt the corgi.  She is looking longingly for  him from the front steps of the warehouse, their favorite spot to meet.

Martin Pierce Hardware

And, finally, Iris whiling away a sunny afternoon.

Martin Pierce Hardware

Martin is making progress on the bust of Iris that he has been working on.  He decided to carve it out of walnut and it should be beautiful.  I will share details as the work progresses.

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