Summer fun in our design showroom

The lazy days of summer are upon us but our boxer/pitbull mix Iris and her best friend Hoyt do not seem to be aware of the idea of relaxation. Iris and Hoyt Martin Pierce Hardware

They do enjoy a good game of tug of war that often results in a friendly stand-off.

Martin Pierce Hardware

Whether it be on asphalt or in the more rarefied confines of our new showroom they still find it fun to wrestle and play. Hoyt can sometimes be a bit loud and Iris is sometimes deafened when he barks in her ear but the relationship continues to blossom. We find them both a good distraction and a great source of humor and feel very lucky to share our studio with such pleasing canines.

They do make a work day go by faster with all of their antics.  And the wood floor of our new design center makes it easy for them to slide around.  Fortunately, most  designers who visit the center do not seem to mind having a few friendly dogs running around.

You may  recall that we opened this design center back in January of 2014.  It provides an opportunity for contract, hospitality and residential designers, as well as the general public, to see our products up close and personal.  As an ASID industry partner we welcome all members to our showroom so we look forward to hearing from you to set up an appointment.

If you are unable to pay us a visit in person, you can view our entire collection of bespoke architectural hardware at