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We are ready for Las Vegas and HD Expo 2013

Just three weeks away and we are ready to go.  Ready to set up our booth, ready to share new products as well as some of our customer favorites and ready to see old friends and meet new friends. As we have mentioned in previous posts, we will be giving away one of our delightful butterfly drawer pulls to the first 10 friendly visitors to our booth #2153.  This bronze pull combines a touch of whimsy with a hint of realism that will add beauty to any spot in your home or business.

Small butterfly pull with hot amber patina created by Martin Pierce custom hardware

For those of us in the hospitality design business, the HD Expo is truly an opportunity to view the latest products available to make the lives of our clients more efficient, functional and more beautiful.  Again, we look forward to seeing all of you there so please stop by booth #2153 while you are visiting the Exhibitor Resource Center.

Winged things from Martin Pierce Custom Hardware

You do not have to be an ornithologist to appreciate the beauty of nature and all the winged things that occupy your neighborhood.  As summer draws to an end you will most likely notice that your local birds are leaving for warmer climates.  Aren't they smart!  You can continue to enjoy all the winged creatures with a simple switch of hardware in your home or business.  Take a look at what has taken up residence at Martin Pierce Custom Hardware:

If you live in Southern California then you are certainly aware of the return of the swallows every year at the Mission at San Juan Capistrano.  Martin captured this delicate little bird in his swallow pull that will certainly enhance the decor of local businesses as well as a private residence.

While our woodpecker door knocker might be a bit tongue in cheek it is certainly a unique way for your guests or customers to announce their arrival.

Pet stores, the local zoo or a specialty design boutique will appreciate our realistic bat pull.  Not to mention any little boy who delights in the creepy crawly!

All of the pieces you see here are available in our Animal collection.  To view our complete line of hardware and get the latest news on what is happening at Martin Pierce, please visit us at www.martinpierce.com.


Turning art into functional hardware at Martin Pierce Custom Hardware

As you browse the local hardware store or the internet have you ever wondered how those beautiful and sculptural door levers and knobs are created?  We thought we would share the basic process of turning art into hardware with you so you can see what goes into the making of what appears to be a "simple" door knob. Martin is inspired by everything around him from a row of lovely bushes to one of nature's critters to the characters in a science fiction movie!  At Martin Pierce Custom Hardware the process of creating a new piece begins with an idea that soon becomes a lovely sketch of Martin's.  I have always believed these sketches were worth framing!

Once Martin is satisfied with the design he begins to carve it into a piece of wax to create a wax mold.  At Martin Pierce we use the lost wax method that basically means the wax mold is created and covered with a shell.  Molten steel is pured into the wax mold, which then melts away or is "lost", leaving a steel mold.  This method allows the amazing detail of Martin's designs to show through.

The end result is a one of a kind yet functional piece of hardware that is actually artwork for your home  and can be enjoyed for years to come.