Defining today's contemporary design style

Clean. Simple. Understated.   A space in which color and texture tell the story.  These are the hallmarks of today's contemporary styling. Unlike other design styles such as Victorian, Arts & Crafts, Mid-century modern or Art Deco, contemporary design did not come about as part of a movement or period of time. Rather, contemporary design is more a combination of many of these design styles altered and adjusted to meet the needs of contemporary life.  But we have come to apply the term "contemporary" to a space, item, form or design style that is decorated in what we loosely refer to as "modern" and  includes sleek surfaces, clean lines and unique shapes that often result in form over function.

As with most design styles, the details are what identifies a specific design.  For discussion purposes, today's  contemporary space might include furniture that is sleek in design but is functional and comfortable; a color scheme that may include bright jolts of color or is a study in neutrals and textures; hardware that offers unique designs and finishes and artwork and accessories that make a statement.  As you can see, there is no one identifying factor that comes into play when creating a contemporary interior space.

All that being said, here at Martin Pierce we offer a selection of what we refer to as "contemporary" hardware pieces that we feel would enhance the look and feel of a contemporary space.  These include our new Ergo Epic Door Handle that was renamed by one of our clients, Amy of LaForce  Decorative Hardware.  You can read about her choice in our blog post.  We are also debuting our new Morphic Cylindrical Pull at the upcoming HD Expo and feel that this piece would certainly enhance any contemporary setting.  What do you think?

Morphic cylindrical door pull

You can view these pieces as well as our entire collection at