limited edition

What is a limited edition item?

We often talk about limited edition collections on this blog.  For example, we have recently mentioned our Aspen Buffet, limited edition of 30.  But many people ask us "what exactly is a limited edition?" Simply put, a limited edition is just that, a limited number of a particular item is produced and released for sale or, as wikipedia defines it "a restricted number of copies are produced."  There is no limit to the number in any limited edition but it makes sense that the smaller the number to the release the more valuable the item may be.  Contrary to popular belief, no specific number in a limited edition is any more valuable than another.  Some collectors always want the first of any release while others view the last number more collectible.  Many people choose a number that is significant to their lives such as an anniversary date, birthdate of a child or even their football jersey number....there is no limit to one's imagination!

In the example of our Aspen Buffet, a limited edition really means one of a kind as no two pieces will be exactly alike. This is due to the fact that the furniture is entirely hand-made and hand-assembled in our shop,, making this furniture a functional piece of art.  What is copied or reproduced is the design of the buffet as well as the decorative inlaid design and japanning technique used to create that design.

martin pierce aspen buffet

Hope this clears up any questions about purchasing a limited edition of any type of artwork, furniture, books or these days, even video games and electronics.  And,  as always, you can view our entire collection or contact us for bespoke orders at