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Small Wine Closet Big Statement

Investing in wine is a serious venture and one that works best for those able to exercise self-control in the interest of deferred gratification.

Once the long-term commitment to wine collecting has been made the connoisseur then has to plan how to house the collection and this is where the creative challenge begins. When I think of wine collections I tend to think of lofty cellars deep in the basements of grand chateaus or perhaps grandiose Sonoma wineries and indeed our grapevine collection fits well in either setting. What I am less likely to think of is the modest interior of a hallway closet.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Faye Montgomery, a Los Angeles homeowner who was in the process of renovating a home that she and her husband had bought in West Los Angeles. When I first heard that Faye was creating a wine closet, I instinctively thought of our smaller scale vine door handle which at a more modest height of 14” works well for smaller wine rooms. However, on looking at the 30” x 80” glass door I understood why Faye was leaning toward the Ergo extended door pull a dramatic 3’ tall contemporary door grip. While the Ergo handle may not be an obvious choice, I think it is clear from the photos that this 2-toned sculptural piece works beautifully with the ceramic wall tiles that mimic hexagonal metal studs and a ceramic floor that looks like weathered walnut. Although the wine closet is small the sleek handle appears to be floating and in so doing does not over-power the wine collection which also appears air born. Taken together the 3-dimensional tiles, the angled ceramic floor and the handle create a clever illusion of timeless space.

Photo Courtesy of Faye Montgomery

Photo Courtesy of Faye Montgomery

Tiles from Spain available through Emser Tile, West Hollywood.

Tiger Illuminated Door Handle

Tiger Design for Illuminated Door Handle latest piece from Martin Pierce

The new Tiger Illuminated Door Handle has now been released into the wild or at least that is how we sometimes feel about the internet.  We have in previous posts explained how the pattern was created with old world skills using a scroll saw and aluminum sheet to create a durable pattern for lost wax casting. We have now completed  our first stainless steel castings and using energy efficient LED strip lights have created a color changing and single color illuminated Tiger door handle.



As is the case with all of  illuminated door pulls, the Tiger panel is  directly wired  with 22 gauge fine wires that are fed through the door frame into the decorative door panel.  The power is typically delivered to the door through an electric hinge and then conveyed to the handle through a low gauge harness that comes with the fixture and is ready for connection to a class 2 power supply.  

The Tiger door pull is UL listed and is lit with a flexible weatherproof strip  and encased in stainless steel which is corrosion resistant and durable.

Tiger is the fourth  piece in our collection of  illuminated door handles which include  Fish, Coral, and Morphic themes.

Work is continuing on the Hedgerow new tree handles  but as with any new design of this size and complexity there have been quite a few challenges to resolve and as we are now incorporating LED lights and have a left and right facing handle we have had a lot to think through.

Other illuminated designs are taking shape in Martin’s sketch book so stay in touch to see these as they evolve.

Ladder Door Pulls

Here in Los Angeles the trend towards more dense and smaller residential housing can be seen throughout the city but there is also a trend a foot towards larger door pulls for entry doors and public areas. We suspect that both trends will continue and so are developing a series of grand large scale door pulls.

The designs will need to meet ADA requirements and while this may be a design challenge it is one that appeals to us here at Martin Pierce, where making functional art is our mantra. The key to making a door pull suitable for those with disabilities is to focus on the grip aspect of the design. While there is no formula for achieving this many look to the standards that are called out for grab bars that have a prescribed diameter of between 1 ¼ to 1 ½” or other comparable gripping surface.


Many of the commercial door pull designs focus rigidly on the diameter of the pull which may explain why there is an abundance of plain ladder style door pulls on bank doors, shop doors, restaurant and other commercial doors. The term “ladder pull” describes the profile of the door pull as it is supported typically by 2 mounting posts one at each end of the what is usually a straight tube handle and when viewed from the side looks like a ladder.

While still allowing for an easy to grip surface area we feel there is room for a little artistry in designing ladder pulls. We are still at the concept stage on this new direction but hope to have some new pieces ready by the end of 2017. As with all of our work these too will be available in either stainless steel or bronze and will be cast using the lost wax method.




Spotlight on architectural hardware collections at Martin Pierce---Morphic

One of the more popular lines of architectural hardware at Martin Pierce Hardware is our Morphic collection.  One look at the sleek design and interesting texture of these pieces and it is easy to understand it's popularity. Morphic in brushed finish


On our website we describe it this way: "Fluid contemporary designs are the basis for this innovative style of decorative door hardware. Cast in steel, these hardware pieces are extremely contemporary but when cast in bronze the effect is reminiscent of the Art Nouveau style."

The openwork design of this grouping makes it the perfect candidate for innovative customization options like the addition of a powder coated color:

Morphic cylindrical pull with a hot orange powder coated accent from Martin Pierce Hardware

or an LED lighting feature that will be debuted at this years HD Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This collection also underwent some color and form changes for the new Baha Mar Resort in the Bahamas.  More on this exciting project to come.

The collection also includes large and small pulls for cabinetry and furniture, passageway knobs, entry way levers that can be adapted to meet ADA standards and our majestic entry door pulls that will make a great first impression to all who enter a residence, hotel, spa or other hospitality project.  Here is a sampling of the collection:

Large pull from the Morphic collection at Martin Pierce hardware Los Angeles, CA  90016

Heroic door pull from Morphic collection at Martin Pierce hardware Los Angeles CA  90016

To view the entire Morphic and other collections of custom hardware, please visit our site at

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Our location at the 2015 HD Expo

HDExpoVendor It is hard to believe that the 2015 HD Expo is exactly 60 days from today!  The first quarter of this year has just flown by what with preparations for the Expo as well as working on other projects.

We have been assigned our booth location.  You can find us in booth #2277  in the Exhibitor's Hall.   We are excited to share with you some new products (more on these later) as well as display some of your favorites from past shows.  Suffice it to say our Morphic Heroic door pull has undergone some amazing changes!

As we have done in past shows, we will be awarding to the first ten visitors to our booth one of our silver plated orchid cabinet knobs.  Pretty and feminine and wonderfully detailed, this knob will add an elegant touch to your home or office.

Orchid cabinet knob from Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles Ca  90016

And be sure and check out our new lighting collection that we are debuting at this year's Expo.  Game of Thrones fans will enjoy the new designs.

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A look back at past giveaways at the HD Expo

We recently announced that the first ten visitors to our booth in the Exhibitor's Hall at the 2015 HD Expo will receive one of our exquisitely detailed silver plated orchid drawer pulls to use as they please. Silver plated orchid knob from Martin Pierce Custom Hardware Los Angeles CA  90016

We have made it a tradition to award a piece of our custom hardware each year we attend the HD Expo.  We thought it might be fun to revisit past giveaways:

In 2014 we awarded twenty lucky visitors to our booth their choice of either the whimsical dragonfly pull or our small scarab beetle pull.

dragonfly drawer pull from Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles, CA  90016

Small scarab pull from Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles CA  90016

Small scarab pull from Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles CA 90016

The spring of 2013 found us delighting ten lucky winners with our beautifully detailed butterfly pull.

Small butterfly pull with hot amber patina created by Martin Pierce custom hardware

Our new at the time bronze daisy pull was chosen as the giveaway for the 2012 HD Expo.

Daisy pull from Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles California 90016

And it all started with the fun polished brass frog pull we awarded to the first ten visitors to our booth during our inaugural visit to the 2011 HD Expo.

Frog pull in polished brass from Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles CA  90016

Were you one of the lucky winners?

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Light up the room with our new bronze candlesticks

Over the years we have shared with our clients and those who enjoy our blog just how much Martin is inspired by nature and where he goes to find that inspiration.  This may include hiking trips to local canyons or exotic spots such as our recent trip to Spain or a visit to more  formal gardens such as those at the Huntington Library in San Marino or the Botanic Gardens in Santa Barbara.  We are always equipped with our camera to snap photos of birds and other creatures and their habitats as well as beautiful flowers and foliage.  These visits and corresponding photographs serve as inspiration for future hardware and art projects.  For example, this photo of a budding succulent taken on a day trip to the Huntington Library (and hangs on the wall in our home) Huntington Gardens photo by Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles, CA  90016


served as inspiration for Martin's latest project--a pair of beautiful candlesticks.

Martin Pierce  Los Angeles, CA  90016

Delicate in appearance only, these candlesticks are cast in solid bronze and measure 14" high and 6" wide at the base. They accommodate a "chime" or processional candle with a .5" diameter.  This unusual size can be purchased from specialty shops like General Wax in North Hollywood, California. The candlestick shows the succulent just before it flowers with the flower stem serving as the "stem" of the sculpture.  The concept was largely based on a succulent similar to those in the Echeveria family of succulents, specifically the 'Black Prince'.   You can read more about this plant here.

This candlestick was originally designed for our home and we then gifted a pair to our close friends on their wedding day.  We are hoping to use the design to create a larger candle arrangement that will feature a larger central succulent surrounded by small buds and the center piece would use a more standard sized candle.   Here are a couple more looks at this exquisite candlestick.

Solid bronze candlesticks from Martin Pierce hardware Los Angeles, CA  90016

Solid bronze candlesticks with tapers from Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles Ca  90016

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A quick update on green living

Bamboo Pull in patina  bronze by Martin Pierce Hardware Whether you are a professional seeking LEED certification on a current project or a homeowner looking to live a "greener" life in your home, there are several simple and easy methods to employ that take little effort but have a big overall impact.

  • Replace light bulbs.  This is not news and if you live in California you are already aware of the differences in light bulbs.  But replacing those old incandescent bulbs with the more energy efficient CFL's  and LED's, that use up to 80% less energy than the incandescents, will make a difference in both your energy savings and your pocketbook.
  • It is important to utilize as much natural light as possible in the design of any building. This is not only aesthetically pleasing but will help reduce the need for electricity, heating and other forms of energy
  • Use self-replenishing natural items such as bamboo for flooring, cabinetry and even personal household items like bath towels and bed linens.
  • Live plants improve air quality and add a touch of life to any room
  • Solar and battery operated lighting for both the interior and exterior is a great energy saver.
  • Buy locally.  This not only supports local business in your community but saves energy by reducing the amount of fuel needed for transportation and reduced the amount of pollutants emitted during transportation.

We make every attempt to keep our manufacturing process as "green" as possible with careful attention paid to the disposal of paints and other waste, recycling etc.

The old mantra of repurpose, recycle and reuse is still a simple rule to live by.  And you can look forward to celebrating the 45th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, 2015.

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Enjoy a virtual tropical vacation with our nature inspired door hardware

                                    Tropical Patio by New York Architects & Building Designers Ike Kligerman Barkley
While many of you across the U.S. and Canada are digging yourselves out of yet another winter storm we are continuing to bask in unseasonably warm weather here in Southern California.  I don't share this to make you feel bad but, rather, to introduce you to some of our custom hardware collections that will have you dreaming of blue skies and warmer climates.

Few places on earth have the variety of foliage and flowers as Hawaii.  The islands are alive with colorful hibiscus, the state flower, leafy green ferns, elegant orchids, fragrant plumeria and exotic protea.  We designed our orchid pull in silver plate that offers the ultimate in luxury for a client's island home.

The height of elegance, Martin Pierce's silver plated orchid stem pull.  Notice all the grooved areas. Martin Pierce Hardware

Along with amazing beaches and the unbelievable landscape, the islands are also alive with tropical birds and other native animals that have sparked fun and mysterious folk-lore tales.  Along with the orchid pull, we designed a whimsical version of a Hawaiian bird to be installed on the same property.

Hawaiian bird knob from the Hawaiian custom hardware collection of Martin Pierce hardware

To compliment this truly bespoke collection our Animal grouping features lizards, geckos, frogs and other tropical creatures that all signify warmer weather ahead.

To begin your virtual tropical vacation you can view our entire collection of architectural hardware at

The amazing future of 3D printers and how we use them

We recently attended the 3D Printer World Expo held at the Marriott convention center in. Burbank California, which was very interesting and enlightening. At present Martin is sculpting and creating the old fashioned way:

  • Sketch by hand an idea showing it from 3 perspectives or elevations.
  • Draw over each elevation on a 1"x 1" square grid
  • Toy chest drawing by Martin Pierce Hardware

  • Use a sheet of tracing paper to make a grid that is twice as big as the first grid i.e. 2" x 2" squares to make our initial sketch twice as big by free hand drawing the same lines on the bigger grid  and so on for all the grid sections. We will continue this process for all 3 perspectives.
  • We then take the tracing paper elevations or perspectives and trace them onto a block of wax or wood
  • Finally we begin to shape the piece with cutting tools, basically bandsaws, chisels etc.

As far as I can tell, this "old-fashioned" grid concept is at the heart of 3D printing and 3D scanning. We have all seen enough movies or games where we see a human head mapped out on a rotating grid and then the model gains life with skin and muscle being digitally added. So it was fun and enlightening to see some of these model making and scanning machines in action.

Gil Bruvel had some really interesting sculptures on display:

Gil Bruvel sculpture titled Oracle

Gil Bruvel sculpture titled  River photo by Martin Pierce Hardware

What ideas did we take away and what lessons were learnt?

COST and LEARNING CURVE The 3d scene is becoming more affordable.  The base price of a 3D printer, for example the creatorbot-3d machine,  is priced at $1,845 and will print a piece in polycarbonate or nylon that is 12"w x 12"d x 18"h.  Not bad but you will also need to be able to "build" the stl file that "runs" the printer or issues the instructions or code that determines how it moves and releases jets of polycarbonate to create  the shape of the piece you want to make. To be good at this you will need to learn a program like zbrush or maya or  Sketch up. The first 2 programs run anywhere from $699 to $2000 plus but Sketch up is free. If, like me, you find an on-line tutorial difficult there is a 40 hour course for $1500 available.  BUT whether these costs add up will depend on how you can use what is printed.

PATTERN MAKING If you are starting from scratch and do not have drawing and sculpting skills then yes, 3D printing and modeling are good options. However, for us the learning curve is too long and the output too slow when compared to old fashioned carving and modeling. When Martin has a new concept he is able to draw it very quickly from at least 3 perspectives. He can make a rough model in modeling foam to see if the actual piece in reality is still attractive and at that point can make changes. By comparison, if he created a 3D file it would take him a long time to create the file as his keyboard and mouse skills are slow, it would also take as much as 12 hours to print the piece.  If he then wanted to change it he would have to go back to his digital file and work at his snail pace to make the changes and then spend again up to 12 hours printing it. This process may have to be repeated several times.

MAKING A FINISHED PRODUCT There are some 3D printers that can print metal using essentially fine metal flakes that are mixed in a polymer so the end result is at best a metal hybrid.  Not an option for Martin as we cast our bronze door handles in SOLID silicon bronze and likewise our contemporary door handles using SOLID 316 stainless steel. Both metals are dense, not porous, and have great durability.  They stand on their own as metals and do not need to be plated.  316 Stainless steel is also one of the most corrosive resistant metals around.  We value the inherent beauty of solid bronze and solid steel and both give us the mediums we need to create beautifully crafted heirloom hardware.

HOW WE USE THE TECHNOLOGY We are currently using this technology to scan simple shapes like our new Dragon egg.   Martin turned it on a lathe to create a solid egg shape in wood approximately 14" long by 6" in diameter. To hollow out the wooden egg would have taken Martin 2 to 3 days so we chose to work with a  3D scanning company who scanned the egg and then created an stl file in which they made the egg hollow with a thin wall dimension of .125" . We then worked with a 3D printing company who printed the new hollow egg in a polycarbonate material. This saved us a lot of time and we will use this process again to create blank patterns. The egg has since been carved with what we hope others will agree, is fine artistry, and will be cast in solid .125" steel.  It will be our first venture into custom wall lighting and we are excited to debut it for he hospitality designers and architects who attend the upcoming 2015 HD Expo in Las Vegas.

To view our entire collection of stainless steel and bronze hardware, please visit our site at

2015 HD Expo, here we come!

  bronze sculpture from Martin Pierce Hardware

Like the Jaybird that inspired our latest bronze sculpture, the first month of the new year simply flew by!  But that just puts us one month closer to the 2015 HD Expo and our trip to Las Vegas, Nevada.  This will be our fourth consecutive year exhibiting at the Expo and we are, as always, looking forward to connecting with many of you.

As we get closer to the event we will be sure to share not only our location in the Exhibitor's Hall but we hope to have some custom hardware surprises that we think will please many of you who are involved in the hospitality design industry.  If you will recall, we debuted our new Morphic cylindrical entry pull last year featuring a hot patina color enhancement that adds a new dimension to this very unique item of architectural hardware.

Morphic cylindrical pull with a hot orange powder coated accent from Martin Pierce Hardware

More to come!

To view the entire Morphic collection please visit our site at

Bronze Jay sculpture reveal

Several months ago we introduced you to our jay sculpture in a three-part series that chronicled the process of designing, sculpting and casting a bronze piece, whether it be used as door hardware or as wall art.  Our goal was to share with you how, after all the hard work, a collection of pieces like this Underside of hollowed out mold for jay sculpture Martin Pierce Hardware

become a beautiful piece of  sculpture like this soaring beauty:

bronze sculpture from Martin Pierce Hardware

Martin Pierce Hardware

Martin Pierce Hardware

This majestic piece measure 18" from wing tip to wing tip, 12" from beak to tail and projects 4" from the wall.  The dark oil rubbed patina allows the exquisite detailing of the wings and body to be enjoyed.  Part of a limited edition, this bird sculpture can be hung on the wall and admired as a piece of wall art or utilized as custom door hardware for an impressive entry to a residence, hotel or commercial building.

If you are interested in the jay sculpture or any of our custom hardware collections, please contact us to discuss your specific project.  Our entire collection of architectural hardware can be viewed on our site at

Meet you over at Dering Hall

We are excited to announce that we have recently partnered with online marketplace, Dering Hall, to offer our custom architectural hardware products to designers and architects.  This partnership makes it possible for those design professionals to find custom entryway, passageway and drawer and cabinet hardware for their hospitality, commercial and residential projects. The site features a selection of our hardware including items from our Ergo and Hedgerow collections as seen in the snapshot of the webpage below:

Ergo Door knob

Product Specifications

Rose 3 1/2"W 1/2"D Knob 2 1/2"W 2 1/4"D 3"H
Los Angeles, CA
Accessories, Hardware, Knobs/Handles
Product Type
Lead Time
8-10 Weeks
Stainless steel

Product Description

Our contemporary styles are cast in 316 Stainless Steel. We pride ourselves on our exceptional quality And artistry. The contours of this piece are designed to fit your hand hence the name Ergo-nomic. For a warmer tone we recommend ordering this piece in bronze.

Other pieces featured include our Hedgerow entryway door pull:

Hedgerow collection from Martin Pierce Custom Hardware

Dering Hall  best describes their services-"Dering Hall is an online marketplace for the finest interior designers, architects, artisans, and design galleries to showcase their work and sell new, high-end home furnishings and accessories."  They make it easy for discerning design professionals and homeowners alike to search for and find high-end products like furniture, fabrics, lighting fixtures and, of course, hardware.

You can view our entire collection of custom hardware at

Hardware, bugs and more at Martin Pierce Hardware

Throughout the years we have shared with you Martin's interest, actually fascination, with insects.  So much so that for several months last year we hosted two beetles we fondly named Natasha and Boris. This interest not only includes the study of their habits but extends further to the study of their habitats, behavior and skeletal structure.  Therefore, many of our vacations and weekend excursions are planned for the very purpose of scouting for and studying many of these creatures. All of this research and study enables Martin to apply amazing detail to not only custom hardware pieces but also to the bronze sculptures and paintings he has been working on. While photographs and more information on these pieces will be available soon, rest assured that the wait will be worth it.

Here are a few examples of some of the custom hardware pieces, in actuality miniature sculptures, that we offer in our collections.  The same labor intensive casting process is used in our smaller hardware pieces as is used in our larger sculptures and custom projects.  Please make note of the exquisite detail in each and every piece.

Wasps feature prominently in some of Martin's new work.  However, our Animal collection of architectural hardware includes a bronze wasp drawer pull that is available in both an open wing and closed wing design.  The beautiful detailing on the wings adds dimension and texture and would be a wonderful addition to the decorative design of a retail boutique, spa or residential project.

Bronze wasp pull with open wing design from Martin Pierce Hardware

martin pierce wasp closed wing pull

Many items from our various collections, including the wasp pull, are artfully displayed at Folger & Burt's showroom in San Francisco.

martin pierce folger and burt display of bug hardware

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HD Expo 2015

It is that time of year again--time to begin preparing for our annual trek to the HD Expo in Las Vegas Nevada.  It is very early in the process but we wanted to tease you with a few items we hope to exhibit in our booth at the Expo:

  • Last year we debuted our new Morphic cylindrical pull with the addition of a powder coated color accent added.  We continue to work with this collection by adding LED lighting and if all goes well, the debut will certainly be exciting.

Morphic cylindrical pull with a hot orange powder coated accent from Martin Pierce Hardware

  • We also hope to share at least a prototype of our hinge collection
  • While they will probably not make an appearance at the Expo, Martin is in the process of designing some very unique wall sconces and candle holders.  All we can say is that "Game of Thrones" fans will be very excited.

We will continue to keep you posted on the progress of all of these projects as we look forward to this year's HD Expo.

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Brass continues to be a popular interior design trend for 2015

Brass is back and in a big way.  In fact, this warm metal has been making an appearance in both residential and hospitality projects for a couple of years now.  This is not the gaudy brass of the seventies but a softer version that is beautiful in both matte and shiny finishes. And it is being seen throughout the interior design industry in furniture, lamps, hardware and accessories.  Here is just a glimpse of what is out there. You can make a bold statement in the bedroom with this new bed from Taylor Burke Home featuring a brass frame and upholstered insert.

Brass headboard from Taylor Burke Home

Highly polished or left in its natural state and allowed to patina over time, brass fixtures offer a welcome option from chrome, stainless, nickel and bronze finishes that have been popular for so long.

While we do appreciate the look that brass offers, we do not work with brass.  It is a soft and porous metal that will tarnish and flake off over time and certainly not give you a lifetime product. We do, however, offer a high polished bronze finish (shown below) that provides a high shine and warm golden tone similar to brass but with the added benefit of being a strong metal that will not flake or peel off, tarnish etc.

frog pull from Martin Pierce Custom Hardware available in multiple finishes

Contact us to discuss your architectural hardware needs or view our entire collection of custom hardware at

A year in review for Martin Pierce

As the year draws to an end we thought it might be fun and interesting to take a quick look back at some of the new products we introduced in 2014. We began the year in a colorful way with the introduction of our Morphic entry door pull with a new hot patina color added that we debuted at the 2014 HD Expo.  This new option makes further customization of this piece possible for all of your hospitality and commercial clients.

Morphic cylindrical pull with a hot orange powder coated accent from Martin Pierce Hardware

Sculpture was the word of the year for Martin.  From the very interesting custom door hardware designed for a private wine cellar and modeled after the client's artwork to our very personal bust of our beloved pup, Iris, Martin created several new pieces for our clients as well as for our personal use.

We gifted a dear friend with this sculpture of her three-legged dog Dale.  Needless to say, she was delighted.

Completed sculpture out of alder wood Martin Pierce Hardware

The beauty of the wood's grain is apparent on the completed bust of our Iris.

Completed bust Martin Pierce Hardware

The artwork that inspired the design of our client's wine cellar doors

inspiration for custom wine cellar hardware artist unknown Martin Pierce Hardware

and the completed hardware with the unique feature of being double-sided.

final product two sided door handles Martin Pierce Hardware

And Martin continues to work on the Jay sculpture

martin pierce jay assembledWe traveled quite a bit during the year seeking both design inspiration as well as much needed breaks from a very full schedule and were happy to share interesting details of these trips with you; in particular our dream trip to Barcelona Spain to view Antoni Gaudi's architectural masterpieces.

We are excited to begin a new year so stay tuned for new and exciting projects and products.

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Pantone announces 2015 Color of the year

Those involved in the interior design and fashion world eagerly await an announcement by color experts, Pantone, of the color of the year.  This year they caught everyone who was expecting some shade of blue off guard by selecting Marsala as the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year. Pantone Color of the Year 2015 Marsala

According to the executive director of Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman, "Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth...nurturing and fulfilling."

While this color is as rich and delicious as the wine it is named after, it is also a versatile shade that will be right at home in any room in your home from the kitchen to the bath to the bedroom or will warm up the lobby and guest rooms of a boutique hotel.  It is easily paired with most colors and will complement all types of wood and metal used in the space.  Hospitality and residential designers alike will find many uses for this new color.

In the kitchen

A crisp and clean contemporary kitchen with Marsala walls, small appliances or fabric provide the perfect backdrop for stainless steel hardware.

Ergo wave pull in stainless steel finish Martin Pierce Hardware


In the bath

Whether it is in a beautiful spa bath at home or a luxury hotel retreat, the beauty of bronze or high polished brass fixtures, hardware and bath accessories make a striking combination when paired with richly hued Marsala linens and paint in a more traditional setting.

Hedgerow soap dish by Martin Pierce Hardware

On the exterior

Add a punch to the entry by painting the door with this new color and using oil rubbed bronze hardware for a warm greeting to guest or clients.

Solid bronze door lever from Grapevine collection at Martin Pierce Custom Hardware


How will you use this latest color trend in your upcoming projects?

You can view our entire collection of custom hardware at

Our final homage to Antoni Gaudi's architecture

As we continue to share highlights of our recent vacation to Spain we saved the best for last.  Although, quite honestly,  each of Gaudi’s works stands on its own; each is a harmonious tribute to nature. Sagrada Familia

I think the reason that La Sagrada Familia has become the focal point of Gaudi’s achievements is, in part, due to its continued evolution.  Gaudi began work on it in 1883 and continued to work until his death in 1926 when it was less than a quarter complete. Work has continued over the decades, funded by private donations.  The basilica is scheduled to be completed by 2026 which will be the centennial of Gaudi’s death.  On a side note, it is deemed a basilica, meaning significant church, as Barcelona already has a cathedral and apparently you can only have one per city!

Look closely at the exterior of the Sagrada Familia and you will find that it consists of layer upon layer of images and symbolism.

Antoni Gaudi's Sagrada Familia photo Martin Pierce Hardware

Once inside the visual delight continues.  Pillars inspired by sinew and bones are an amazing feat of both engineering and aesthetic design.

Interior of Sagrada Familia photo by Martin Pierce Hardware

It is fun to compare the design of the pillars to the sinewy movement and design of our Epic entry door handles from our Ergo Collection of architectural hardware.

Entry way door pull from Ergo collection of custom hardware from Martin Pierce Hardware

And light and color are never forgotten by the maestro!

Interior of Sagrada Familia photo by Martin Pierce Hardware

The location and grand scale of this iconic building has certainly secured its position in history and is worth a visit since photographs do not do it justice.

You can view our entire collection of custom hardware at


Ada compliant contemporary hardware designs

Stainless Ergo Front door lock from Martin Pierce Custom Hardware ADA compliant Many of today's designers and architects are seeking door and cabinet hardware for hotels, spas, nightclubs and commercial buildings that are not only attractive but that also comply with strict ADA building codes.  In other words, hardware that is easy to grasp and operate for those who may have some physical limitations. This might be necessary in brand new construction or in a retrofit situation.  This is difficult enough without adding the additional requirement of good looks.

As the population continues to age and, in this very competitive market, it is important that buildings be designed to allow easy access to all who wish to enter.  After all, a businessman does not want to deter someone who might have difficulty gaining entrance and/or navigating the building from entering and conducting their business.  More importantly, consumers need to be able to gain access to their home, their doctor's offices or retail shops.

We are pleased that our Ergo collection of custom hardware meets these demanding standards.  The lever design of our entry and passageway pieces are easy to operate and create a stunning look that will please any lover of contemporary design. Several of our collections, including Morphic, can, upon request, also be adapted to meet ADA standards. This might include lever style handles in place of knobs and pulls that do not require a strong grasp in order to easily operate them.

If you are in the market for door hardware with a crisp and contemporary look and that is ADA compliant or would like to view our entire collection of custom hardware, please visit our site at