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Custom hardware finds a home in Norway

Many of our architectural hardware pieces have found homes throughout the world but I must say none luckier than the Epic entryway set from our Ergo collection that is now adorning the front door of artist Ann Helen Sperre.  Her home is very modern and the choice of hardware is an excellent one that will enhance the contemporary lines of the house.   As you can see from her photo, she lives in a beautiful spot on the western coast of Norway, Aaleslund, with plenty of snow and aspen trees reflected in the windows. Epic door handle at home in Norway

She is also a talented artist as evidenced by the the hanging glass sculpture she designed that appears in the window of the adjoining room.

Hanging sculpture by Norwegian artist Ann Helen Sperre from Martin Pierce Hardware

Simple elegance in holiday decorations is the name of the game with a beautiful natural wreath on the door and white lights on the outside foliage.

Coincidentally, I have been googling Oslo, Norway recently as I am reading a thriller by Joe Nesbo (a Norweigan writer) titled "Devils Star" when Ann’s email and photos arrived in my inbox.  I wrote back and shared the coincidences with her and she responded with information about Norway and others spots to visit and, amazingly, she is also reading a Joe Nesbo thriller, "Police".  If you are planning a visit to Scandinavia or just enjoy looking at beautiful photos, Ann wrote:

"... you should come and visit Norway, {it} is so beautiful – you will love it! Especially here on the west coast and Aalesund. You should try to google  Geiranger, Trollstigen, Sunnmørsalpene, Hjørundfjorden, Trollveggen."

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