the tube in london

Vacation to London continues with Martin Pierce Custom Hardware

We bid a fond farewell to Bob and Carrie in Pembridge and travelled on to Leicester where we ditched the rental car and took the train into St. Pancras station.  We stayed in Russell Square at a reasonably priced and well run hotel overlooking Russell Square and the park. It has been many years since I  spent much time in London.  In my mid 20’s all my energy was spent either at my dark, light deprived office or on foot walking briskly to avoid the cold and rain.  This time we had lovely sunshine, good walking shoes and the “tube” ,or  underground, that we could use at non-peak times, allowing us to see a lot of the city.

On our first day we went in search of the Gherkin building.  We have seen pictures of this amazing building in magazines but really needed to see it in person and we found it to be an inspiring piece of contemporary architecture.  The Gherkin was built in 2004 and is an impressive 41 story  skyscraper.

We then headed to the south side of the Thames Rivers in search of the Shard building,  so nicknamed due to its unique shape, and was recently dubbed the tallest building in Europe.    We found it to be another inspiring piece of contemporary architecture.  We visited this building just a few days before Prince Andrew abseiled down the face of it to raise funds for Outward Bound Trust and the Royal Marines Charitable Trust.  You can read more about that story here.   

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Martin Pierce Hardware says "Let the games begin"

Martin and I are both thrilled that this year's 2012 Summer Olympic Games are being held in London, England.  Along with the excitement of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee we are hoping it brings some much needed relief to the gloom that has sat over Europe for a few years now.  And, just maybe, it might bring some sunshine to rainy old London.  In fact, we have family members that are planning to vacation in Italy for fear that they will never see the sun again!  Isn't it sadly ironic that while we suffer one of the worst droughts in history England is being drenched with one of the wettest summers in history!?  While we agree with the London Times that "Enough is enough" rain, we also hope that the public transporation system, the infamous underground "Tube", is up to the challenge. Like many Americans, we plan on watching the games in between working on new custom hardware pieces, walking Iris and enjoying the ubiquitous southern California sunshine.

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