Feng Shui of shapes found at Martin Pierce Custom Hardware

Many of us are already familiar with the impact the use of the art of feng shui can have on our lives trough the use of certain colors, placement of items and nature's elements of water, fire, wood,earth and metal.  But did you know that certain shapes can also affect the "feeling" of a room? According to feng shui experts, each of the five elements of feng shui have a coordinating shape.  For example, if you are trying to introduce the element of water into your space and are having difficulty adding a fountain or other water element, try a wavy shape to the room.  This can be in the form of artwork, fabric patterns or door and drawer hardware such as those found in our Ergo collection.  The beauty and simplicity of this design can certainly bring tranquility to any room in your home or business.



The exciting fire element can be introduced through the use of triangular shapes.  Try our Bamboo pull with its triangular shaped leaves or the unique and unusual conical pull from the Textured collection.

The element of metal can be found in round shapes that are present in many of our designs.  Round door knobs and pulls in luxurious bronze metal is an easy way to add  both a round and metal element to your spaces.

The earth element correlates to square shapes and wood to rectangular shapes.  Along with our readily available collections, custom pieces can be created to meet your exacting needs.  Who knows, the ancient art of feng shui just might change the look and feel of your space so isn't it worth a try?

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